10 Affirmations for Moms to be More Creative in Chaos

From the endless to-do list for babies and business, moms can get drained in chaos. However, amidst the chaos, there lies a hidden gem—CREATIVITY. Chaos has a way of pulling us from mundane routines into the realm of creativity.

This is especially true amongst little children. Every situation that comes to make me feel hopeless, can be turned into a hopeful moment with creativity.

Here are 10 Affirmations to use in remaining cool, calm, and creative in every moment.

“Time to get up for school” moment: Each morning is a fresh start. I awake my child with love and enthusiasm for the day ahead. 

“Getting in the car” moments: I cherish these moments with my family. Car rides are opportunities for adventure and bonding.

“Sibling rivalries” moments: I can guide my children towards understanding and supporting each other, nurturing their bond.

“Teasing” moments: I teach and practice the importance of kindness and empathy, helping my children grow into compassionate individuals.

“Meltdowns and whining” moments: I choose to be patient in helping my child navigate their emotions with love and understanding.

“Messy dinner-time” moments: I enjoy creating beautiful memories, and quality time together. A little mess is a small price to pay for it. 

“Come Wipe My Butt” moments: I provide unwavering care to my children that will be a guide for them in caring for themselves and fostering their independence and well-being. 

“Clean your room” moments: I'm here to support my children and teach them the benefits of how being responsible and organized will help them in the future.

“Put the toys away” moments: I get to be a team player with my child. Tidying up our home to create a happy and organized home." 

“I can't find it” moments: I remain patient and resourceful in times of searching, teaching my child problem-solving skills, and turning every search into a fun adventure."

While Motherhood can be chaotic, it also offers countless opportunities for creativity and inspiration. BabaLid was born out of the chaotic moment that sparked my creativity. 

Remember, amidst the mayhem, creativity can flourish, and your role as a mother can become a masterpiece of love, inspiration, and a beautiful canvas on which you paint your unique, creative journey.