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Why the babaLID® baby bottle?

How it works?

Customer’s Testimonial

Cute and Functional

I love the flow of the nipples my son is able to drink his milk with his cereal and baby food and the nipples don’t clog and the suction flow is consistent. The size is great because my son is a big eater so the 10oz gives him more than enough. And last but not least we still have no lost tops!! Love that I can snap the top to the bottom of the bottle and the baby is still comfortable holding it.

Jocelyn Marie Brown

I love the size of bottles

It comes with beautiful colors. Clean package. Its a smart design and helpful for busy parents not lose lid. Excited to use these. Its also easy to clean.

Fattened Anna Asgari

Game Changer

I ordered the Babalid for my 2 toddlers and I must say, we absolutely love it! Where has this bottle been? It’s not just convenient so you don’t lose your bottle lids, you can also store the pacifier on the bottom to keep track of those and keep them sanitary as well. This bottle is easy to clean and I absolutely LOVE the nipple. Lastly, this bottle is so pretty and stylish, I will be ordering more and definitely recommend to parents with children of any age that still use a bottle.

Theresa Emory West
Baby bottle

Detachable silicone tether.

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Lid secures to the bottom.

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Lid always available to cover the nipple.

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No More Missing Lids!

A Practical, Confident way to Care for your baby!

As a parent, your #1 goal is to confidently care for your baby. The babaLID baby bottle helps you accomplish that.

With the babaLID baby bottle, the lid attaches to the bottom, so you can conveniently feed your baby, at home or on-the-go.

The detachable tether (cord) keeps lid and bottle always connected.

Never again worry about spills, germs getting on the nipple, or having to buy a whole new bottle just to replace the lid.

The lid is always available to cover the nipple part that goes into your baby’s mouth.